Under different pen names John Wagner once achieved the remarkable feat of coming first, second and third in a best writer award. His creations include Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, A History of Violence and many more. His greatest achievement however came in 2015, when the High Council of Arkardy granted him and co-writer Alan Grant permission to
chronicle the amazing adventures of Rok.


1949 Born in Bristol
1964 Expelled from High School for smoking in the boys'
1965 Expelled from the Young Socialists for holding "too many
         right-wing views"
1967 Fired from National Commercial Bank for eloping with
1972 Expelled from Young Conservatives for holding "too many
         left-wing views"
1976 Expelled from university for refusing to learn Hebrew
Since 1980: Wrote thousands of comic strips, more than a dozen
                    books, three movie scripts and the Ace Lightning
                    TV series.


Former bus driver, artist, illustrator and all round good guy. A regular contributor to small press titles when John Wagner saw his work and signed him up for the Radford Reds. Now a regular in 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine and hard at work on the second series of Rok.  Lives in Sompting with his wife and cat. Suffers horrific flashbacks from his years as a bus driver.    


Abby Bulmer is a freelance cartoonist based in Manchester. She divides her time between working at a comic shop, illustrating children's books and colouring for 2000AD. She doesn't know much about football, but she does love aliens!


Rok letterer Jim Campbell lives, works, and very occasionally sleeps in deepest darkest Nottinghamshire, from where he also contributes lettering for titles from Aftershock, Blast Mask, BOOM!, Image, Lion Forge, Rebellion, Titan and Vault. He lives with his wife and her expensive collection of bicycles. 
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