With 9 days to go, we’re 62% funded! And with pledges from the US, from Canada and South America, from Australia and all over Europe, it’s fair to say Rok’s not just cosmic, he’s gone global! 

At this stage, we’d like to say another massive thank you to everyone who has helped get us this far. Clearly the big red alien is going to need more backers to get him over that fast-approaching goal line, so please keep spreading the word. And don’t think your efforts so far aren’t appreciated.  It’s heartening to know Rok has so many friends out there.

Dan’s posted the Reds’ new strip with its natty Laser Tools logo.  And though shirt sponsorship has gone there’s still grandstand and pitch-side sponsorship available - or choose to be a character in the actual comic with a speaking part.  We’re also hoping to add some art to the mix soon, with original Rok of the Reds and Judge Dredd pages. 

Meanwhile, John’s hard at work writing the next pages of Rok - and we can’t wait to share them with you! So keep sharing and supporting - with your help we can make Rok the God a reality!

Kickstarter update - we’re 62% funded!!

2019 might be drawing to a close, but there’s still time to catch the big red alien at a Comic Con near you!


London bound? Meet John and hear all about our epic Kickstarter at MCM Comic Con London on 25-27 October. If you’re looking for some winter warmth, Malta Comic Con has the answer - for two days of sun-soaked comic delights from 2-3 November with Dan and Rok in attendance. Or roll on over to Yorkshire on 9-10 November for the chance to catch up with John at Thought Bubble in Harrogate.


Whatever the weather, one thing’s for sure, Comic Cons are the place to be for a Rokkin’ good time this winter.

Rok rocks MCM London on 25-27 October!

It’s time for Roktober!

Rok is back with a bang this autumn with the launch of the Rok the God Kickstarter Campaign, kicking off 2 October, 2019! Yes, the big red alien is back for his second season and he needs you to join the team! 


Fan of Rok of the Reds? Then you’re going to love Rok the God! Radford Reds are struggling for promotion, but Rok’s formidable mother Vorga has decided to extinguish and Rok must travel to Arkady to receive her dying command - that is that he must become a God!


It’s the last thing he needs. Being a God will make him a target for assassination by the murderous Skrel – not to mention hampering his exploits on the football field!


Back on Earth the Reds have a new problem in the form of a hostile take-over by ruthless American asset stripper Malcolm Greidy. And if that’s not enough, there’s a crazy pint-size buddy movie going on when miniature Kyle Dixon and referee Bull go on the run. 


With an awesome story illuminated by Dan’s gorgeous art and Abby’s beautiful colouring, Rok the God is truly out of this world. So check out our Kickstarter where you can not only pick up the new graphic novel, you’ll also be in with the chance of bagging some seriously cool rewards, including:


• Special BRIAN BOLLAND variant COVER

• Exclusive Kickstarter Only POSTER by SIMON BISLEY

• ORIGINAL BISLEY ART – only one, better hurry!

• COMMISSION SKETCHES by DAN CORNWELL – character of your choice

Get ready for Roktober! Other Kickstarters may be great, but only one Roks!

The Scottish Book Trust Roks!

We’re excited and honoured to announce that Rok of the Reds has been shortlisted by the Scottish Book Trust for Teenage Book of the Year 2020, proving once again that when it comes to comics, the Scots Rok!  

Set up to promote the most popular teen and children’s fiction authors in Scotland, it’s the first year that comics and graphic novels have been eligible for the award, a major move for the industry and a great step forward in getting kids into comics of which the Radford Reds would 100% approve! Voting is open to kids throughout Scotland until 7 February, with the winner announced at the end of the month. For more information check out The Scottish Book Trust - we’ve got our fingers and horns crossed!


As soon as the news leaked that Castleton's Dan Burgess would be the replacement for Reds' captain and stalwart central defender Phil Morgan, American icon Nicole Scherzinger felt impelled to rush to his side to offer congratulations in person.

Burgess, nicknamed 'Dan the Hatchet Man' by Castleton wags, is renowned as a fearsome competitor who doesn't give an inch. He was, he said, ready to give his blood to the club. "There was talk of the monster inside Kyle Dixon last season," he snarled. "Well this season they'll be seeing a real monster on the pitch - me." Opposition forwards watch out! "I'm looking forward to the coming season and plenty of clean sheets," Burgess went on.

Well, clean sheets is what you won't see a lot of with Ms Scherzinger around. Asked what his relationship with the American star was, Burgess gave his trademark scowl and threatened this reporter with violence.


Here's a second sponsor for Radford Reds' ground. A big alien hug to committed Rok fan Colin Davies - and he should be committed for writing something as wild and fantastical as the excellent Mathamagical! It makes maths fun. Check it out on Amazon and at all good book shops.

Mathamagical on Amazon



The Rok Team is pleased to announce our first SPONSOR for the Radford Reds' ground - Comichaus, the Comic Book Marketplace and old friend of the big red alien. Their Logo will be proudly emblazoned pitchside when Rok and the Reds take the field for their second season. Big thanks from the team for their support. Check them out at


YOU TOO could BE A SPONSOR for Radford Reds vital promotion season. See your company name boldly displayed on the ground or even become a shirt sponsor. It's fun, it's cheap (in comparison to Manchester United, for instance) and it's a huge help to indigent comic creators!  

CH_red_logo_300dpi copy.png
CHBOY (1).jpg


For Season 2 Team Rok is splitting with original publisher Black Hearted Press to go it alone. We've enjoyed our relationship with Sha Nazir and his crew and wish BHP well with their growing list of titles and creators. They'll still be selling Season 1 and the Trade, of course.

Season 2 - Rok the God - will again be a six issue mini-series and will be published under the Rok of the Reds logo.


This November Kelda Wood will set off from West Africa to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. She's doing this in aid of her charity Climbing Out, which works to help rebuild the lives of young people facing life-changing injury, illness or trauma. Rok much admires such acts of human courage and selflessness and so has decided to become one of Kelda's many sponsors. Indeed, he will be at the very front of her doughty little boat Storm Petrel when it braves the waves. And we'll be keeping you abreast of Kelda's progress all the way across.

Meanwhile you can learn more about the Atlantic Challenge and donate to this good cause at


If you're anywhere in the north east and fancy a new tattoo you could do no better than make an appointment with Neil Blackbird Sims in his South Shields studio.

Neil's tattoo work is special, and his brilliance with the needle is equalled if not surpassed by his skill as a sculptor and his love for Rok of the Reds, as we saw when he carved this fabulous bust of the big red alien. Neil's going to do a limited series of 13. If you weren't lucky enough to book one of these don't despair - we'll be giving one away as a prize when we launch season 2.

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