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Gemtero is a formulation of anti-cancer therapy called Gemcitabine. It is approved for the treatment of urinary bladder cancer. This medicine is also recommended for some cases of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. The available dose strengths of Gemtero injection are 200mg and 1gm. The gemcitabine price can be enquired on Magicine Pharma. You can purchase it online and get up to 35% off on the first order.

Doxorubicin price

Doxotero is a chemo medicine made up of doxorubicin hydrochloride. It is prescribed to individuals with cancer of the soft tissues. The medication is also used for the treatment of lung cancer and ovarian cancer. Doxotero is available in the form of vials for injections of strengths 10mg and 50mg. Up to 32% off is offered on the doxorubicin price by Magicine Pharma. You can buy it at an affordable range of prices.

Gemcitabine price

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