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The Leather Craftsmen

The Leather Craftsmen provides a huge collection that includes lambskin men’s leather jacket, vintage leather jackets, leather bomber jackets, designer leather jackets, leather jackets with hoodies, Varsity And Letterman Jacket, leather pants men, movie leather jackets, leather jacket blazer, men’s long leather coat and much more. Similarly, here is our Best Seller collection featured with Brown Leather Jacket, Distressed Leather Jacket, and Shearling Jacket. In this modern world, leather outfits have influenced and impacted the design world by wearing the new style which later became popular. Every season allows us to get dress as we want. Especially, Winter is a season that allows you to layer up as much as you want. Leather jackets Cape Town and outfits are the best options for every occasion to stylize yourself.

Browse our range of men’s outwear included waxed cotton jackets and high-performance shearling furs. Find down-filled puffs and practical parkas, crafted for comfort, alongside leather biker jackets, suede and shearling silhouettes, and stylish, mid-layer gilets.

In addition, for the one who loves to wear something unique or special on Christmas, New Year eve, Halloween, Valentine’s day, Chinese new year, and other festive events according to specific countries. From classic style to designer’s collection is available at The Leather Craftsmen with an exclusive price range along with FREE Shipping Worldwide.

Fashionable Leather Jackets In Cape Town and all over South Africa

Leather jackets are never out of fashion. The trend of leather jackets is as good as it was decades ago. There are numerous ways to style leather jackets to look cool and ravishing. To get the timeless leather jackets in Cape Town, The Leather Craftsmen is the right place. We have alluring pieces prepared from genuine leather that will make a wonderful addition to your apparel.

How to find the original leather jackets in Cape Town?

Leather material jackets are admired all over the world by men and women who love to look stylish. Leather is a natural material obtained from cow/sheep hide to create various products including jackets. The buyers often worry if they are getting the right and original product or not. Sometimes markets use artificial pieces instead of genuine pieces. It is the time when the buyers should have sharp eyes and should be able to distinguish between the original and fake leather products.

When you are buying leather jackets in Eastern Cape consider these points that will make it easy for you to distinguish between the two (original and fake leather products).

  • The first thing to notice is the price of the product. There is a major difference of price between genuine leather and synthetic leather. So, a glance at the price tag will half solve the matter for you.

  • A smooth and warm feeling is acquired, when you touch a genuine leather jacket. If you are in doubt, visit a reputed store like The Leather Craftsmen or any other where both original and synthetic are available and spot the difference there so that you can identify in the future.

  • The smell of original leather is natural and organic; on the other hand, synthetic or artificial leather smells like plastic and chemicals.

  • Original leather has the ability to absorb water, a dark spot is seen until the water absorbs. So this is a quick water drop test for leather quality check.

  • People, who use original leather products, will easily spot the difference between the original and artificial.

At The Leather Craftsmen, you will find genuine leather jackets. You don’t need to perform these tests to prove the originality of the leather. We use original leather and create the best leather jackets in Eastern Cape. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect fit jackets that adorn your elegance.

More about leather jackets

The Leather Craftsmen believe in quality. That is why all the products available at our store are superior quality products. These leather jackets are so well created and they best suit your requirements.

Apart from the quality, the other important features of leather jackets in Mathatha include the stitching, lining, etc. At The Leather Craftsmen, we are vigilant during the crafting of a jacket. The top-quality leather jacket must have wonderful hardware. Various colors are available for individual requirements. The classic black color, the all-time favorite color of the majority of people is also available.

We have a variety of colors for men and women like navy blue, brown, red, etc. Then comes the length of a jacket. Some women prefer long jackets while others prefer short ones, no worries, we have both types available. The perfect fit of the jacket makes it a wonderful material for your wardrobe.

The collars and cuffs are soft and smooth, which do not trouble. During the shaping process of collars and cuffs, we keep them into consideration to create a comfortable item.

The front zip of the jacket is also an important feature. We install zip that is smooth and easy to operate. The untroubled zip is an indication of a good leather article.

A leather jacket is an icon of fashion. It is never outdated and always trendy. This voguish item is created with a lot of effort to reach the standards of our customers. The leather jackets in The Leather Craftsmen provide you the best shape and the elegance everyone desires of. The splendor leather pieces that enhance your elegance and make you look classy are available at The Leather Craftsmen at an affordable price.

We have a stack of wonderful items waiting on our shelves waiting for you that include leather jackets in Cape Town, Biker jackets, motorcycle jackets, and leather bomber jackets. We assure you, you will be delighted to shop from us.


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